Electrix Offers Customers the Benefits of UAV's

April 2015

Electrix has a strong commitment to staying at the forefront of new technologies and with the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’S) is now able to enhance its ability to identify and assess the condition of customer's elevated assets more efficiently and cost effectively.

UAV services provide a mechanism for inspecting difficult to reach sites such as poles located in water and sites with access issues such as locked gates without distribution company locks.  The technology helps minimise customer disruption by reducing the need for intrusive door knocking and the need for communication pieces such as notice cards.

UAV's will enable Electrix to inspect poles and complete line patrols in difficult conditions such as high fire days and after storms where previously plant may have been unable to gain access. The new technology will also be valuable in environmentally sensitive areas preventing impact on endangered species and wildlife.

Electrix is committed to the safety of its workers and safety awareness is embedded in its Culture. UAV's protect staff by preventing unnecessary interaction with aggressive animals and livestock and the risks and damage associated with accessing assets through crops and long grass. UAV's can also help prevent the dangers associated with travelling through construction or mining sites to inspect and assess buildings, structures, plant and equipment.

The Electrix UAV fleet is fitted with high-resolution digital cameras to capture detailed images of pole top structures and hardware as well as thermal images for detection of hot spots and overloaded equipment. Each image is date stamped and incorporates GPS co-ordinates for asset mapping.

Electrix UAV Controllers undergo extensive training and have successfully completed the CASA UAV Controllers Certificate / Remote Pilots licence. Controllers receive practical operational experience from the equipment supplier along with further training from the Electrix Chief UAV Controller. All UAV operations are conducted in accordance with CASA Operating Parameters and in accordance with detailed safety procedures which are in accordance with our AS/NZS 4801:2001 accredited Safety Management Systems. 

Electrix strives to consistently add-value and to assist customers to effectively manage the safety and reliability of their networks while maintaining the balance between operational, maintenance and capital requirements. The use of UAV's provides an opportunity for Electrix to achieve this goal.

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