Electrix Pty Ltd rebrands to Omexom

October 2019

Effective 1 December 2019, Electrix Pty Ltd will officially operate within the VINCI Energies’ global brand OMEXOM.

The OMEXOM brand covers operations in 33 countries, 400 business units and a €3.5 billion annual turnover.

Fully integrated to OMEXOM the local company will now have increased access to dedicated expertise and best practice from reference projects across the globe to strengthen the company’s position in the Australian energy market.

The Electrix team and the international OMEXOM brand share common values and similar business models so the new brand will emerge naturally with continued focus on their key business lines.

The business will continue to take pride in, being a premier provider of services in a highly competitive environment, by identifying opportunities in new market sectors whilst delivering superior results for all stakeholders.

Managing Director, Mr Tony Croagh is excited to lead the company forward into the next stage of the strategic roadmap within an ecosystem of renewable energy, digital transformation, and asset efficiency and security.

For more information please contact:

Tony Croagh, Managing Director
Phone: +61 3 8698 2200
Email: tony.croagh@electrix.com.au

Mauricio Mora, Head of Strategy and New Markets
Phone: +61 3 8698 2200
Email: mauricio.mora@vinci-energies.com


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