Gas works in Adelaide

November 2014

Walking around Hutt Street in Adelaide on a Saturday night you might easily find yourself taking in the sizzling aroma of contemporary cuisine emanating from one of Adelaide’s premier restaurants. The next day you might find yourself in the popular beach-side town of Glenelg, and the day after you could be sampling some of the world’s best wines in the heart of the Barossa Valley.

All of these iconic South Australian locations have one thing in common, beneath the footpaths and roads, servicing the homes and businesses, is a gas network renewed or built by Electrix. 

In Adelaide, Electrix has been upgrading the 100-year-old low-pressure cast iron gas network and renewing the underground infrastructure to support medium to high-pressure mains. This vital work will deliver the gas that will enable sustainable growth for the city, the residents and the business well into the twenty-first century.

This work is a challenging endeavour, requiring sensitivity to the flow of Adelaide’s life as a city. 

Electrix treats each street that we work on as a community. We adjust to the ebb and flow of traffic and remain keenly aware of the history and culture of the city and the surroundings in which we work. We take time to respect the environment, establish and develop trust and undertake our works in a sensitive manner, remaining mindful of the larger interests of the communities around us.

It is very easy to take for granted the pleasure of a morning shower powered by piped natural gas or the experience of preparing a meal on the gas cooktop. At Electrix we know that the work  we do contributes to the daily life of the people who form the communities we work in.

Our renewed gas network is essential for residents and business in this state. It forms part of the fabric of the life of Adelaide and of all South Australians, now and into the future.  

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