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September 2014

 Electrix Team wins top STAR Health and Safety Award

The Transpower STAR Awards were held on Wednesday 27 August in Te Papa, Wellington to recognise achievement and excellence in safety in the electricity transmission industry. The STAR Awards are open to all companies and individuals working on the New Zealand national grid high voltage transmission system.

Electrix won the award for top transmission safety project of the year for work on the North Auckland and Northland transmission upgrade. The judges said the firm's commitment to safety in the face of "significant challenges" made them worthy winners among strong entries. In accepting the award on behalf of the team, Electrix regional manager Lakhmi Venkatesan said the team included about 25 people who performed "very well" with the support of management. "We always strive to be the best in every project."

The best project or maintenance safety by design award was presented to Electrix and Transpower for their work on the PMU - TEE transmission line project. This is taking 220 kV lines to the Paraparaumu substation - installing poles through steep, difficult terrain using cranes and helicopters. The team designed a way for crews to join pole sections without having to manhandle them as they were being lowered by helicopter.

“Electrix are very proud to be part of such a prestigious event” says Electrix’s General Manager Robert Ferris. “This is great recognition for the commitment of all industry staff to working safely, whilst upskilling and sharing invaluable expertise to other likeminded tradies” says Mr Ferris. “Lakhmi and Kevin thoroughly deserve their awards. There teams as well as Andrews, Marks and Johns have done exceptionally well and from an Electrix perspective it is pleasing to see such contributions to the industry through innovative design and work practices within the company.”

Transpower chief executive Alison Andrew says the awards are a celebration of what is done well instead of just focusing on what could be done better. But she says there is still a long way to go for Transpower and the rest of the industry. Speaking to an audience of about 200 at Te Papa last night, Andrew said safety should be "part of our DNA". It should not be a `check the box' thing. It should just come naturally in everything we do - just like putting on a safety-belt when we get in the car or lock the door when we leave the house. "It should be ingrained in our daily lives."

Best Safety by Design for Projects or Maintenance
Paraparaumu-TEE Transmission Line Works, Project team - Transpower and Electrix

Top Project
Electrix NAaN Project Team

Highly Commended- TCEN (Palmerston North)
Top Project: Andrew Leask and Mid Span Project Team – Electrix

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