Ergon Energy Asset Inspection - Central Region

Asset Inspection Central

Electrix Pty Ltd was originally awarded this contract by Ergon Energy as part of their Asset Inspection Defect Management (AIDM) project in 2002. The aim of the AIDM project was to transform the way in which Ergon’s network assets were inspected and asset data and defects were managed.
The contract has subsequently been extended and renewed on a number of occasions.

The scope of work includes:

• Above and below ground inspections of poles and structures,
• Visual inspections of conductors and pole top attachments,
• Treatment for internal and external rot, termites and corrosion,
• Replacing Earth guards and stay guards,
• Recording GPS Coordinates, digital photographs of defects,
• Capture of required asset data utilizing handheld PDA’s for download to a central database. 

The contract presents major challenges with deployment of resources across wide geographic areas working under arduous climatic conditions.

An extensive ongoing change management program has also been a significant challenge and has addressed key issues including implementation of an accelerated 3 year inspection cycle, implementation of standardized inspection procedures across all regions of Ergon Energy and implementation of sophisticated management processes and IT solutions to capture detailed information on all assets and pole defects.

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