Gas Mains Replacement Program - Adelaide, South Australia


The initial project covers the replacement and pressure upgradeof approximately 27 km of low pressure cast iron gas mains supplying residential and commercial customers.

The renewal work is achieved by insertion, boring or open cut replacement of the existing mains with polyethylene piping. This extends the life of the network in a highly cost effective manner and allows supply pressure to be upgraded to medium or high pressure.

The replacement work presents significant challenges including:

• The need for detailed planning to notify customers and minimize supply disruptions;
• The need to minimize damage to customer property / underground utilities and nature strips whilst undertaking the work;
• The need to maintain public access and safety around work sites typically located in suburban streets and reserves;
• Management of re-instatement to meet the requirements of property owners and local councils.

Electrix was able to successfully mobilise the required work crews, supervision, project management, plant and equipment within an eight week period from contract award to meet APA program requirements. 

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