Glenelg Tram Overpass - South Road

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Key Facts

Project: Glenelg Tram Overpass

Client: Department of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure (DTEI)

Location:Adelaide, South Australia

Duration: 2009

Duration: 2009­­

The construction of the temporary track included a fully electrified system which needed to be connected and commissioned over a single weekend. Following completion of the overpass construction, Electrix returned to install a suspended 600V DC weight tensioned system over the busiest road in South Australia with minimal disruption to traffic and local residents. Again the decommissioning of the old track and the commissioning of the new overpass was completed within a very tight weekend window.

The complexity of the electrification work required extensive planning and meticulous installation procedures to ensure overlaps, inner and outer running spacing, contact wire tensions and mid span anchors were all perfectly placed . The
requirement to meet a tight construction program while working safely in a live rail corridor with 120 tram movements a day and very restrictive access also presented major challenges.

The project is a testament to Electrix commitment to quality under pressure and the quality of the installation and workmanship was commended by the client's project representatives.

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