Huia Water Treatment Plant Chemical Area PLC Migration

control cabs

Key Facts

  • Project: Chemical Area PLC Migration
  • Client: Watercare Services
  • Location: Huia Water Treatment Station, Waitakere
  • Contract value: NZ $165k
  • Duration: TBC


Watercare's Huia Water Treatment Plant filters and treats 25% of Auckland’s 370,000 m3 of daily water and required the installation and upgrading of the chemical dosing systems. All systems are controlled by PLC controllers and managed at the plants main control room. The old dosing control systems were run down, out‐dated and unable to cope with Auckland’s increasing demand for clean water.


To ensure the continuing supply of water the old plant had to be kept fully operational while the new plant was being tested and commissioned and before the old systems could be removed.

The PLC migration parts of the old system were rewired to the new control panels requiring considerable planning to ensure it was completed successfully. The project grew as extra stages of dosing systems were included into the contract but the Electrix team were flexible enough to copy with any unforeseen circumstances or requirements that arose.

This complex project was broken into a number of stages to allow for the installation, changeover and commissioning process. Much of the work involved working around dangerous chemical areas and in quite confined spaces with many potential hazards.


Electrix worked closely with the engineers from Watercare and consultants ERGO to meet the stringent and often demanding time frames for system integration. Watercare were able to provide continuity of service to its customer base without any interruptions to service levels.

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