Lady Annie Copper Project - 66kV Transmission Line Construction

Aus Transmission01 L

The works included:

  • Civil works for all pole sites
  • Erection of tubular steel poles, cross-arms and all line hardware
  • Supply and stringing of conductor and OPGW
  • Fibre optic joint enclosures
  • Supply and erection of 66kV Air break switches
  • Erection of 66kV / 433V pole mounted transformers

The project team faced many challenges including the remote location and parts of the works on the project being in close proximity to energised high voltage transmission lines, where the works was subjected to high induction exposure. This particularly related to working in proximity to Ergon Energy's 220kV line in the Mt Gordon mine area. As construction was within a mine development the project also included a requirement to work under the Mining Act.

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