Light Column Inspection Trial

Light column inspection2

Key Facts

Project: Light Column Inspection trial

Client: SA Power Networks

Location: Metro area of Adelaide, South Australia

Duration: three month trial

SA Power Networks requested Electrix to conduct a trial to inspect 1000 light columns in the Metro area of Adelaide using the PortaCAT Industries Relative Loss of Section (RLS) device and to gather additional valuable data for the client’s reference. The work area extended from Sellicks Beach in the Southern Metro region through to North Haven in the North. The area was predominantly along the coast, with a small number of columns assessed in the North Eastern metro area.

By utilising the RLS technique, Electrix in collaboration with SA Power Networks were able to evaluate the cost savings and benefit to the client.The technique removes the need to excavate into concrete, asphalt or pavement material and is non-destructive eliminating the need for traffic control, erecting barriers and the potential replacement of poles.

Electrix was able meet the contract time frame to deliver the results to the client for their further analysis.

The contract resulted in 3 months work for a qualified Asset Inspector with the potential for further inspection work for SA Power Networks.


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