Perilya Winder House Upgrade

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Key Facts

Project: Perilya Winder House Upgrade
Client: ABB australia
Location: Broken Hill, New South Wales
Duration: July 2016 - October 2016

In early 2016 Electrix was awarded the contract by ABB Australia to undertake the NBHC Main Cage and Skip mine hoist systems to meet the future production requirements of the Perilya Mine site.
The Perilya mine site is located in Broken Hill NSW, approximately 518km Northeast of Adelaide. Broken Hill has a rich history which most notably includes the birthplace of “Broken Hill Propriety,” more commonly known as BHP.

The scope of works includes the installation of a new MCC for the control of the ancillary motors and equipment related to the braking system for the two winders. The winders themselves are receiving an upgrade by means of new AC/DC convertors, new DCS and a complete overhaul of the safety system to comply with the NSW Mines Act.

The safety upgrade work includes:
• installation of monitored safety relays;
• emergency stops;
• level indicators;
• clutch controls;
• audible/visual alarms;
• safety gate switches and the respective wiring systems.
• pulse encoders

As part of the safety upgrade works all existing 240V a.c. field devices were replaced with 24V equipment.

As a result of our efforts ABB Australia have expressed their thanks for the expedient and professional way Electrix have managed the project.



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