Transend Transline Compliance Project Package 2

Aus Transmission02 L

The work included:

  • Condition assessment and preparation of design recommendations and drawings.
  • Strengthening lattice steel towers and foundations.
  • Fitting new insulators and hardware.
  • Designing and installing extensions to towers to increase ground clearance. This work was done both energised and de-energised.
  • Converting suspension towers to strains.
  • Re-tensioning conductors.
  • Removing and relocating structures.
  • Designing and installing single and Pi pole crossovers and deviations.

The contract extended over a 3 year period and Electrix worked closely with Transend to produce cost effective alternatives to achieve the desired result. The different activities were constrained by the limited availability of continuous line outages and restricted access to the lines. Electrix developed effective liveline options for a number of the critical activities to reduce outage needs and meet program deadlines.

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